Miley will either love or hate her dad's hilarious new parody video

Miley Cyrus, You Might Be Wanting A Word With Your Dad

Miley Cyrus has just received the ultimate payback for her rauncy on-stage activities… From her dad.

Get ready for Billy Ray Cyrus’ new music video, because the 52-year-old country singer has taken on his daughter in the outrageous twerking stakes with his latest must-not-be-missed performance.

Surrounded by nearly-naked booty-popping ladies, Miley’s legendary musician dad gives his classic ’92 hit, Achy Breaky Heart, a 21st-century hip-hop remix.

Even better, his 21-year-old Bangerz beauty is name-dropped throughout the remix by guest rapper Buck 22. ‘Miley keeps on twerkin’, daddy’s song is werkin’,’ he shouts, whille Billy Ray slips in a few sneaky Wrecking Ball lyrics.

As embarrassing dad behaviour goes, this is up there with the best. What next, Billy stripped bare with a foam finger?

Watch and enjoy, Miley…

By Robyn Munson  

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