Miley Cyrus’ Tour Wardrobe Is About To Make Your Jaws Drop

Miley Cyrus is one lucky, lucky lady.

We’ve just been allowed a sneak peek at the 21-year-old Wrecking Ball singer’s designer world tour wardrobe, and it’s nothing short of amazing.

Kicking off in Vancouver, Canada on February 14, Miley’s Bangerz tour will see the US songstress decked out couture-style costumes created by one of fashion’s finest designers… Roberto Cavalli. Too. Cool.

So what kind of costumes will Miley be working/twerking on stage? Well, between the black knitwear jumpsuit complete with zebra-print embroidery, the cropped python print jacket and the skintight Swarovski crystal-studded bodysuit, it’s safe to say Cavalli’s creations for the twerking queen are very out-there. And very Miley.

We wonder if mum Tish will approve this time?

The outspoken star recently spoke about the importance of her tour costume closet (even when the majority of it is skin). ‘Clothes for me, or lack thereof, say a lot’, Ms Cyrus joked to Hollywood Reporter.

I don’t have a hard time making fun of myself…’ she continued. ‘Being fun and carefree – that’s really what the show represents.’

Cavalli’s costumes alone are worth the ticket price in our books. Bring on the Bangerz!

By Robyn Munson

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