Why Miley Cyrus *Isn’t* The Worst Role Model For Kids

Miley Cyrus has just topped the list of worst celebrity role models for kids. And we totally don’t agree with the verdict. 

According to a new survey on Vouchercloud, the Wrecking Ball singer has been ranked to the top spot by British parents. 

Yahoo reports that the survey asked parents who had at least one child under the age 10 if there were any pop icons they would hate for their children to idolise.

Both male and female celebrities were presented to them, and a whopping 78% placed Miley in first place.

Miley’s first place spot is probably owed to her seemingly wild child ways. Granted, she shocked a lot of people when she emerged with a rockin’ new look, having shed her Hannah Montana image. But when you dig a little deeper, Miley’s actually a pretty solid role model in our eyes. 

And we’ll tell you why. 


1. Miley stands up for the disadvantaged

The star uses her celebrity status to draw attention to major issues in society, such as homelessness and LGBT rights.

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Her passion in these areas can’t be questioned, having founded the Happy Hippie Foundation – a nonprofit that works to help homeless and LGBT kids – and of course there was that spectacular time that she invited a homeless man onto the stage to accept an award on her behalf, giving him a platform to tell his story. 

2. Miley promotes a positive body image 

In a world where most parents worry about the influences over their children’s view of their own body, Miley publically stands to promote a balanced and healthy view. 

She recently spoke out about the ‘body dysmorphia’ she experienced during her time as Hannah Montana.

She also opened up to Marie Claire: ‘When you look at retouched, perfect photos, you feel like s**t’, she said. ‘They lighten black girls’ skin. They smooth out wrinkles. Even when I get stuck on Instagram wondering, “Why don’t I look like that?” It’s a total bummer. It’s crazy what people have decided we’re all supposed to be.’

We’re sure this is something that most of us – children or not – can relate to. 

3. Miley champions the idea of accepting every sexuality 

Be true to yourself. It’s ok. Speaking with TIME, she revealed: ‘I hope more kids don’t do what I did and sit in their room and cry, thinking “I just don’t know what I’m supposed to be,'” she said. ‘But when I tell kids sometimes, “Just be yourself,” I feel like, “I hope you can do that. Can you really do that?'”

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4. Miley is a strong, independent woman

The star preaches strength and independence: “It has a lot to do with being a feminist, but I’m finally O.K. with being alone. I think that’s something we have to talk about more: that you can be alone.

“There are times in my life where I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends. And there are times where I just love being with myself and don’t want to give part of myself away to someone else … I think that’s a new freedom for women, especially. I don’t know that my mother would have been able to be 22 and secure in being alone. But my future doesn’t rely on having a partner.”

Now if that’s not a positive role model, we don’t know what is. 


By Laura Jane Turner