Miley Cyrus’ High-Fashion Problem Is Made Public

Miley Cyrus may appear to have a slight allergy to clothes, but there may actually be a more concrete reason behind those nearly-naked shoots

Celebrity stylist Katie Grand has revealed that a whole host of high-fashion designers have been refusing to dress Miss Miley due to her risqué reputation.

Speaking to Love Magazine about styling their latest cover star, Katie said: ‘At first I wasn’t sure about Miley. A lot of people aren’t. It was tricky to borrow clothes for the shoot because she seems to divide opinion in a Marmite-esque way.’

On Love Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2014 cover, the 21-year-old Wrecking Ball singer is seen wearing designs by Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Ulyana Sergeenko and Vivienne Westwood. But it seems calling in Miley’s designer wardrobe was no walk in the park, even for a super-stylist…

‘Many people I respect didn’t want to get involved’, Grand continued. ‘They thought there was something superficial about her — dangerous, even.’

As the newly-signed Marc Jacobs muse, we’re pretty sure Miley won’t be finding this an issue for much longer…

We predict that Miley’s high-fashion takeover is only just beginning.

By Robyn Munson

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