Miley's managed to offend an entire country with her ball-swinging antics...

Miley Cyrus Gets Into Some Serious Trouble Abroad

Miley Cyrus has now managed to offend not just a few flesh-fearing conservatives, but an entire COUNTRY, as it’s revealed that France has banned her video from daytime TV.

Deemed too explicit to be broadcast during daylight hours, the 21-year-old singer’s infamous Wrecking Ball vid is now reportedly not allowed to be shown before 10pm. Eesh.

The country’s TV watchdog, the CSA, is said to have ordered for Miley’s racy writhing to be shown only after 10pm, when channels are able to air more adult-friendly content.

And it’s not just Miley Cyrus’ naughty nakedness that’s got the nation up in arms, either – Britney Spears has also has a telling-off for her Work B**** video.

Slammed with the same censorship rules, the CSA has described Britters in her bondage gear as ‘a sadomachistic universe representing women in a way that risks shocking many viewers’. Oops.

If Wrecking Ball didn’t go down well, then we dread to think what the French are going to make of Miley Cyrus’ new steamy bed and bath-based vid for Adore You…

Check it out below! If you can handle it.

By Robyn Munson

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