Miley Cyrus Has A Backstage Tour-Drobe Drama

Miley Cyrus found herself living out every performer’s worst nightmare when a missing costume change meant she was forced to run onto the stage wearing nothing but her underwear… Well, every performer besides Ms Cyrus herself, that is.

The Adore You singer sauntered onto the stage at her Sunday concert in Wisconsin to belt out album track 23 wearing nothing but a teeny tiny black and red striped bra and matching knickers.

But while it wasn’t unusual to see notorious flesh-flasher Miley rocking a seriously skimpy stage outfit, this time her scantily-clad ensemble was most definitely NOT planned.

Taking to Twitter afterwards to explain her near-nakedness, Miley wrote: ‘Not a new outfit for 23. I didn’t make my quick change and I couldn’t not come out for the song so I just had to run out in my undies.’

‘Never happened to me before. But I love my fans as much as they love me! I couldn’t miss 23,’ she added. ‘Show must go on.’

LOL. What a trooper.

By Robyn Munson

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