Miley Cyrus gets naked in her new video

Miley Cyrus Gets Completely Naked In New Music Video – WATCH

Miley Cyrus has bared all in her new Wrecking Ball music video and shown everyone that she’s not about to cover up any time soon!

A mere 2 weeks (and a bit) after her controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance, Miley Cyrus has done what no one thought possible and exposed herself even more. The Can’t Be Named singer was criticised for her provocative performance at the VMAs after twerking against Robin Thicke in a barely-there nude tube top and hot pants.

But it seems the haters haven’t got her down as Miley ditched the skimpy outfits in favour of… well, no outfit at all!

Although Miley undoubtedly has a hot bod, we’re not so sure about this bold move – other than it looking incredible painful to straddle a wrecking ball naked, it must have taken her aaaaaaages to get rid of all those tan lines!

You can watch her new Wrecking Ball music video below and see the singer swing around completely naked, as well as lick a sledge hammer and get a bit teary-eyed – talk about a treat!

We wonder what Liam Hemsworth will make of this…

By Lauren O’Callaghan

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