Miley Cyrus Feels The Wrath Of Ed Sheeran…

Miley Cyrus is certainly not going to be partying with Ed Sheeran anytime soon now that the British singer has given her one hell of a telling off.

He may be known as one of pop’s biggest sweethearts, but when it comes to Miley, it seems like there’s no holding Ed back.

And the 22-year-old I See Fire crooner certainly made his feelings clear with his latest message for the queen of controversy…

‘You shouldn’t be encouraging little kids to twerk. Stop doing this, Miley Cyrus, please. Stop. Stop’, Ed told E! News. ‘Sing Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball is a great song.’

‘Twerking is what strippers do’, he added. ‘It’s a fact. If you go to a strip club (not that I go to strip clubs) but if you go to a strip club, they twerk.’

Eesh. Stern words, Mr Sheeran! This isn’t the first time Miley’s felt the wrath of the red-headed softie, either – the singer previously slammed her by saying ‘she’s packaged the wrong way.’

‘It’s a stripper’s move,’ he told The Mirror about Miley’s infamous bottom-shake. ‘If I had a daughter of nine, I wouldn’t want her twerking.’

Goodness me! Who knew Ed was such a twerk-a-phobe?

By Robyn Munson


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