Miley Cyrus wore a unicorn onesie for her twerk music video

Miley Cyrus Does The Twerk In A Unicorn Onesie!

Miley Cyrus has cheered up a grey afternoon by sharing a video of herself TWERKING. Yup, the singer has embraced the new dance craze by shaking her booty in a hilarious black and white video wearing… wait for it… a unicorn onesie. She’s our hero!

Miley posted the video after what’s been a stressful week for the star as rumours continue to circulate about the state of her engagement to Liam Hemsworth. Liam has returned to LA today, and we’ve got a sneaky feeling he’s headed straight for Miley’s pad. We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that this showbiz pair will film a couples’ version of the video in matching animal onesies. Imagine.

The singer has received tons of celebrity support for her video, and it’s gone viral this afternoon. LOOK cover girl Cara Delevingne tweeted: “TWERK! Check that unicorn ass out! If only the dinosaur was there :(“ added: “Check out my homegirl @MileyCyrus #twerk… #TWERKit girl #WORKit girl…don’t #HURTit girl.” 

Miley gyrates to rapper J Dash’s song ‘Wop’ and shakes her body around in front of the camera, before unveiling her face at he very end. So what is twerking? Basically “to work” (geddit?) your body on the dancefloor, shaking your behind like there’s no tomorrow. Liam definitely won’t be able to resist this… 

Check it out below. RM