Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth ‘Stronger Than Ever’?

Miley Cyrus has put to bed any rumours of a split from Liam Hemsworth by posting a picture on her Twitter feed which shows her huge engagement ring in full view. Wearing a unicorn onesie (love), the singer is showing off her sparkler for the first time in weeks.

It was thought that the pair had called time on their relationship and cancelled their impending wedding after Liam flew to Australia to hang out with his family, leaving Miley in LA on her own without a rock on her finger. 

Reports also say he’s pulled out of an upcoming public appearance at the premiere of Empire State. Today, he was spotted arriving at LAX – and it sounds like he’s headed straight back into Miley’s arms.

A source tells Hollywood Life that the pair were NEVER on the rocks. They said: “Miley’s relationship with Liam and her marriage was never in trouble to begin with. Like, it was all stupid rumors and now that she put her ring back on everyone’s all excited. It’s just really stupid.

“She never threw her ring away, she just wasn’t wearing it. I don’t see what the big is, like, I really don’t.”

Miley responded to a post from Cosmpolitan in the US today, which asked Twitter to stop speculating about their pair’s relationship. She tweeted: “Thank you to my dear friends at ‪@Cosmopolitan‬ for politely saying SHUT THE HELL UP!” 

Okaaaaaay, that’s told us. Welcome back, Liam! RM