Love Island’s Mike And Jess Talk About THOSE Rumours On This Morning

And Holly Willoughby notices something odd about Mike's response...

It’s the question that’s been on every Love Island fan’s lips for the past week… did Jess Shears and Mike Thalassitis really hook up?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, let us explain. The pair seemed to get pretty friendly after leaving the villa two weeks ago.

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They both shared photos of each other on Instagram, leaving followers wondering how much time they were spending together.

Rumours also started circulating about whether or not they spent the night in the same hotel room, although they’ve both fiercely denied the allegations.

Mike and Jess, both 24, appeared on This Morning earlier today, where they continued to protest their innocence.

Mike and Jess on This Morning

Host Phillip Schofield cut straight to the chase, asking: ‘Did you sleep together?’ and adding that his parents used to make him say ‘honest’ if he hadn’t done something.

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Mike replied: ‘We didn’t, no,’ while Jess said: ‘Honest.’ But Mike couldn’t help giggling and smiling, adding: ‘Honest, we didn’t sleep together!’

Phil’s co-presenter Holly Willoughby was quick to call him out, remarking: ‘You’re laughing, it’s really weird.’

Mike and Jess on This Morning

At this point, Jess stepped in, explaining: ‘It’s one of those awkward laughs, you know when you laugh in an awkward situation?’

Holly quipped: ‘Well, that’s lucky!’ before Phil said: ‘Now that you’ve said it now, you can’t break that. If I find out that you’ve broken that, I can’t tell you how disappointed I will be.’

When asked where they thought the rumours had originated from, Jess offered: ‘I think it might be, we saw some people in the airport when we were leaving and they were asking us about how the villa was and stuff like that.


Jess’s man Dom has now left the villa

‘I think both of us were like: “We’ve been really lucky to come out together, to have someone to talk to about it. We’ve been together the last two days.” Together then turned into “together” and I think that’s how it’s escalated.’

It does make sense. Let’s hope Jess’s newly-evicted beau Dom Lever agrees…