Love Island Viewers Praise Mike For His Warning To Chris Last Night

Fans of the show were very impressed by this moment...

It’s safe to say Mike Thalassitis made the right choice going back into the Love Island villa for a second go, despite it being for such a small amount of time.

Not only did he finally start a proper romance with someone, viewers have quickly changed their opinions on ‘Muggy Mike’ because of one moment in particular.

As Mike and his partner Tyla were dumped from the island by the public, the footballer took the time to have a quick but important chat with Chris before leaving for good.

After it was revealed in a challenge that Olivia said she would choose to sleep with Mike in the Hideaway instead of Chris, it looked like the couple were facing one of their biggest trials yet and Mike had some strong words of advice for Chris.

‘Obviously we didn’t get off on the best foot, which was never going to happen being in a triangle,’ Mike began.

‘But, I mean, you must have had a few alarm bells ringing today.

Mike warned Chris about Olivia in last night’s episode

‘You are a good lad, I know we’re the same age and I ain’t trying to talk to you like a little brother or nothing…’

‘Mate, I appreciate advice off anyone,’ Chris assured.

‘I ain’t trying to put no s*** in your head, but be careful mate,’ Mike pressed.

Of course Mike wasn't gonna leave without sticking the boot in! 👟 #LoveIsland

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‘Personally, she’s not someone I would associate with.

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‘Obviously, the whole thing where she was like: “Who would you take to the Hideaway?” and she said: “Well obviously you.”

‘So just don’t be an idiot. We all know what people can be like and if alarm bells start ringing don’t just ignore them. Be smart, that’s all.’

Considering it was Chris who caused Mike to be known as ‘Muggy’ across the entire nation, it’s nice to see these two looking out for each other and viewers were very impressed with Not-So-Muggy Mike.

‘Muggy Mike gave Chris the best advice he can get, someone bring him back #LoveIsland,’ one fan praised the footballer, and another agreed: ‘#LoveIsland Muggy Mike proved himself to be more of a friend to Chris than anyone other than Sam in that Villa. He told him the TRUTH.’

Chris and Olivia on Love Island

Chris and Olivia have had their share of ups and downs

One viewer renamed Mike as ‘unmuggy’: ‘Best thing muggy Mike did was advise Chris… You made yourself unmuggy now! Well done lad! Chris listen to the whole nation #LoveIsland,’ while another labelled him as ‘Magic Mike: ‘How you go from muggy mike to magic mike in a flash! Now the nation 😍 you for putting poor Chris straight, you get dumped #actuallylikemike.’

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How will the villa react to Mike and Tyla leaving the villa? Find out tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

By Emily Jefferies