So You Might Spot Prince Harry And Meghan Markle In Brixton Today

But their visit appears to have divided some locals...

If you happen to be wandering through Brixton today, you might want to keep an eye out for Prince Harry and his bride-to-be Meghan Markle.

The pair, who have probably become the world’s most sought-after couple since announcing their engagement, will be making a visit to Reprezent Radio station as part of their work with young people.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Announcing their trip on Twitter last week, Kensington Palace stated: ‘Prince Harry and Ms. Markle will visit @ReprezentRadio in Brixton on 9th January, to see their work supporting young people through creative training in radio and broadcasting, and to learn more about their model of using music, radio and media for social impact.’

It’s fair to say that there’s been a buzz about another #Peghan appearance on social media but, according to reports, not every Brixton resident is sold on the visit. According to NBC News, who have interviewed people in the area, a number have branded it a ‘stunt’.

‘It’s a stunt for the royal family,’ a local worker told the news site.

‘Did Will come here with his missus?’ he asked. ‘I don’t think so. It’s like, ‘Look at us, we’ve got a black person with us now.”

In fact, says the publication, Harry and Meghan will not be the first royals to visit Brixton; Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of Cornwall visited in 2013, and Prince Charles also attended with his wife back in 2010.

Located at POP Brixton, Reprezent Radio’s founder Shane Carey has said that they believe the young royals are the perfect fit for their values.

Speaking to SW Londoner ahead of their visit, he said: ‘The excitement internally and with the audience is great. I think from an organisational point of view it’s really good because we’ve been working with young people for years now in south and east London.

‘Harry’s massively interested in youth development, mentoring young people and everybody having a chance, and that’s exactly what we think.

‘[Meghan] has been very vocal on women’s rights and we’ve got a 60-40 split female-male, we’ve always had more young girls apply than blokes, so I think that’ll be good for her.’

We think that Harry and Meghan’s visit will do a lot to boost the profile of the radio station and to publicise the great work that they do.

And there’s really no denying that it’s an area that the couple, both together and individually, feel passionate about.