The Bizarre Reason Why You May Have Seen Love Island’s Kem On Your Screen Before

We didn't expect this from Kem...

The UK has fallen a bit in love with Kem Cetinay over the last few weeks, as he’s played the loveable joker on this year’s Love Island.

But you may have actually seen Kem on your screens somewhere before, and it’s VERY unexpected…

Kem once featured in an advert from Shell, which aimed to establish the difference between petrol and diesel.

Yep, we didn’t see that one coming either.

The video shows Kem and his friend Miles, who are both barbers, as ‘everyday experts’ who are helping viewers ‘go on a journey with a cast of real people as they explain the science behind Shell V-Power’, according to the video’s bio.

During the advert, we see Kem prove his knowledge as he explains the science behind the difference between petrol and diesel.

He says: ‘Petrol is made of shorter chain molecules and contains less energy per litre. Diesel is made up of components with longer molecular chains and contains more energy per litre.’

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Erm, who is this guy and what has he done with our Kem?!

Kem Amber

As the advert comes to an end, Kem concludes: ‘So in summary, petrol and diesel are different because they’re ignited in different ways, simple as that.’

Well, well, well… It looks like there’s more to the Essex lad than we thought!

But Love Island viewers are pretty baffled about the release of the advert, with many taking to Twitter to share their confusion.

‘Can someone, anyone please explain why I have promoted tweets of Kem from advertising Shell petrol stations on my timeline,’ one user wrote, while another asked: How the f*** is kem in adverts for shell ???? I’m really confused [sic].’

But viewers can be assured that the video was probably filmed before Kem entered the show, as it was published on YouTube on June 12.

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Be sure to tune into ITV2 at 9pm every night to see more of Kem on Love Island.

By Emily Jefferies