This Is What It’d Look Like If Michelle Obama Ran For President In 2020

With Donald Trump making every possible bad decision that falls into his warpath, many people are escaping to their happy places to deal with the demise of our modern world. Putting aside the Tweetstorms and the fact that Trump orchestrating the worst transition from any president-elect in history, we should take the next month to reflect on how much we’re going to miss the Obama’s.

We’ve been given access to some amazing photos of both the White House residence and the new crib in Washington DC but there’s more to Michelle Obama and family than that.

We’ll just come out and say it: we want Michelle Obama to run for president in 2020.

Not that it matters anymore, but she’s more than qualified for the job. Also, it’s about time the young girls of the world see their first woman president. Who better than Michelle?

People have been fantasise about a Michelle Obama campaign in 2020 for a while now. Since Barack can’t run again, there’s no one better to continue his legacy of compassion and unity than The First Lady.

As a simulation, art director Mathieu Schatzler has imagined what the visual branding of Michelle Obama 2020 would look like. As recent history has proven, the branding of a campaign trail is often the most memorable chunk.

Remeber Obama’s Hope poster? Trying to forget Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hats? Exactly.

michelle obama

Image credit: Mathieu Schatzler

Michelle’s running slogan just reads ‘Imagine’ which will probably hold some poignance after four years of a Trump-led America. Her campaign would also mark 40 years since the death of John Lennon, so there’s that link too!

The colour palette is built off these tasteful and passive red, white and blue hues. A stark contrast to the angry shades that Donald employed.


Having a second person of colour and a woman president were surely be the progressive breath of fresh air the world needs after enduring four years of legitimised hate.

In Obama’s second term, he encouraged us to say: “Yes We Can”. For Michelle’s presidency bid we say: “Yes, please”.