Michelle McManus Is Looking *Pretty* Different These Days

Remember Michelle McManus? If not, let’s jog your memory.

She was the Scottish singer who won Pop Idol back in 2003, beating contestants including Sam and Mark and Andy Scott-Lee.

Pure 00s nostalgia, right? Michelle’s debut single All This Time hit the #1 spot, while her album The Meaning Of Love reached #3.



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But what’s Michelle been up to since then? Well, she appeared on Lorraine yesterday – and she looks completely different.

Now 36, she’s had a total hair makeover. Gone are her poker-straight highlighted locks (so 2003, eh?), and in their place is a wavy pink bouffant.

> Michelle McManus now has a cool candyfloss-inspired ‘do


Explaining her decision to dye her ‘do, she told host Lorraine Kelly she wanted to ‘celebrate the two weeks of summer Scotland gets’.

Lolz. Fair enough, lady.

She also spoke about moving from singing to comedy, revealing that she’ll be performing a one-woman cabaret comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next month.

> Michelle McManus chatted to host Lorraine Kelly about her new comedy career


It seems Michelle’s got quite a lot on right now, what with her being due to wed long-term love Jeff Nimmo next year.

She’s admitted that she’s keen to lose weight before her big day, while also revealing how her size affected her during her Pop Idol days.

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She continued: ‘It was difficult. Everybody wants to look their best and lose weight.



‘The weight thing was such a big deal. It will always be a part of me if I’m a skinny minny or if I’m not. I am [happy].

‘I am thinking I’m going to wire my jaws shut, I’m getting married next year. [No] I don’t want to get married at this weight.’

While we think she’s looking beautiful and confident right now, we’re behind her all the way. Good luck, Michelle!