Fans Are Really Concerned After Michelle Keegan Shared *This*

Amid the rumours of a split from Mark Wright, Michelle Keegan has sparked concern after tweeting *this*…

Michelle Keegan- a lady so busy, we doubt she even has time to stop for a cuppa. Imagine!

Yup, if there’s anyone that deserves a holiday this year it’s our Mich. Having gone straight from her three-month filming stint in Africa to the set of ITV drama Tina and Bobby, has the gal’ even had time to catch her breath?!

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In fact, fans are actually *pretty* worried for the lovely lady- after Michelle shared that she was exhausted in a recent Tweet.

Silence is golden ✨✨

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Taking to Twitter, the 29-year-old wrote: ‘Just been sat here with headphones in my ears listening to NOTHING for the past 45mins and didn’t realise….Tired overload!!’. Aw. We hope it’s not all getting too much for Mich.

Fans were quick to send multiple messages of concern, with replies reading things such as ‘sounds like you need a holiday’ and ‘just have your rest’.

Michelle’s tired tweet follows the fair bit of speculation over the status of her marriage to Mark Wright which has plagued press lately…

Happy birthday to my other half. ❤️ @wrighty_ xxx

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After Michelle was spotted without her wedding ring during a recent meal with friends (which could totally be down to Mich fancying more of a minimal look, right?!), some have speculated to the possibility of her marriage of a year being on-the-rocks.

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However, Michelle’s rep told Mirror Online that the lack of wedding band is simply down to the fact ‘she’s unable to wear her ring at work she will leave it at home on days which she has been filming’. Which sounds more than fair enough to us.

It doesn’t look like Michelle is paying any interest to all the rumours, anyway, having recently taken to Instagram to share a gorgeous selfie- with a very fitting caption…

Silence is golden ✨✨

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Silence is golden, Mich, silence is golden.

Hoping ya’ get a well deserved (and hopefully v. sunny and tropical) break soon!

Alice Perry