‘Tut Tut, Mark’: Michelle Keegan’s Thoughts About Mark Wright And Lauren Goodger Revealed

Turns out Michelle Keegan hasn't always had such a high opinion of hubby Mark Wright

Well, this is a little awkward. Despite being nearly inseparable since 2012, turns out that Michelle Keegan didn’t always have such a favourable opinion of husband and former TOWIE star Mark Wright. In fact, the 29-year-old actress even went so far as to slam Mark’s ex Lauren Goodger for taking him back over the course of their ten year on/off relationship, despite knowing that he’d ‘slept with lots of girls’.

In a newly resurfaced article that Michelle penned for her LoveIt! column in 2011, the star talks candidly about her love of TOWIE and offers a pretty scathing view on Mark Wright’s bad behaviour towards Lauren, and lady folk in general. Obviously, the lol-factor is that the star had no idea that she’d in fact be married to the Essex Lothario just four years later.

Michelle Keegan became Mrs Mark Wright in May 2015

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‘I love TOWIE! It’s one of those shows you don’t want to watch, but just can’t help turning on,’ Michelle admits.

‘I don’t know how Lauren can take Mark back so easily, though – it’s so cringe!’

(Eeeps. ‘Cringe’, harsh.) The star goes on:

‘I wouldn’t’ be able to get back with someone who’d slept with lots of girls I knew, but that’s just me.’

It’s no secret that Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger’s relationship was a massive talking point on TOWIE — they went so far as to get engaged for five months in 2011 — with viewers tuning in each week to see the couple’s dramas played out on screen – especially when it came to Mark’s flirtations with other girls on the show, namely Lucy Mecklenburgh and Sam Faiers. Unsurprisingly, feelings have been fairly tempestuous between the pair ever since.

TOWIE's Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger At The Bafta Television Awards 2011

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After ending his engagement to Lauren, Mark then met, and fell in love with Michelle Keegan a year and a half later following a group holiday to Dubai. The rest as they say, is *love* history.

And despite these resurfaced comments about Lauren Goodger coming from a good place (in fairness, Michelle is kind of sticking up for her), we’re not sure how well they’ll sit with the 30-year-old model and reality star. There’s definitely been some bad blood between the trio since Mark and Michelle tied the knot in 2015, so it’ll be interesting to see if Lauren responds to this thinly veiled criticism.

Either way, we’re sure Michelle is feeling like the past has come back to bite her. Ugh, don’t you just wish there was an ‘erase’ button, Mich?!