This Michelle Keegan Mascara Advert Has Gone Viral For The *Funniest* Reason

Erm. Is Michelle trying to drop a hint about husband Mark Wright?!

It was announced earlier this year that Michelle Keegan was the new face of beauty brand Revlon. And since then, she’s been busy promoting their latest lines.

But one Revlon advert in particular, starring Michelle, has been doing the rounds on Twitter, due its slightly hilarious nature.

In the ad, we see the gorgeous Mich talking about why she loves the Ultimate All-In-One mascara so much.

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Nope, not for its easy application, volume, length and lift (although these are all what makes a wand wondrous), but also because, as Michelle says, it’s ‘small and mighty’.

‘The wand is perfectly compact. It’s small but it’s mighty, and it coats every single lash. See: big is not always better’, the 29-year-old says before casting a telling look at the camera.

And unfortunately for Mark, a tweet playing this exact quote from Mich has now gone a little bit viral on Twitter, thanks to the ‘suggestive’ comment attached.


‘Bet Mark Wright is buzzin over this advert!’ the video posted wrote, followed by a string of laughing emojis to demonstrate how the comment could be rudely interpreted.


In lovelier news, Michelle and Mark are finally getting the chance to spend some well-earned time together after both of their busy summer schedules kept them apart for months on end.

And when they were spotted on a recent shopping trip in London, an onlooker told Now just how smitten the couple looked.

‘Michelle bought some new clothes and a cute headband,’ they said.

‘Mark met her after she paid and they looked so loved up! He kissed her on the forehead as they walked out of the store hand-in-hand.’


Another fan also posted a tweet after spotting the married pair on the high street this week.

‘Just saw Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright in topshop. She’s buff yeah but MARK what a weapon’, they gushed.

Ahh. They really are one beautiful match, aren’t they?