Michelle Keegan Has A Major Makeover For Drunk History

Michelle Keegan is looking very different in her latest acting role.

The 28-year-old plays Elizabeth I in Drunk History, which marks quite a departure from her Coronation Street days as gobby barmaid Tina McIntyre.

Her dark locks have been replaced by Elizabeth’s signature red bouffant style, while her face has been covered in white powder.

Michelle Keegan Michelle Keegan usually rocks flowing brunette locks and sleek outfits


Of course, being pale was quite the thing back in the day, as it was thought to show signs of wealth. But Michelle is more used to rocking a deeply-bronzed glow.

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She’s admitted that the transformation was quite a shocker, saying: ‘I have no make-up on apart from white chalk so I feel like it’s Halloween.

Michelle Keegan in Drunk History Michelle Keegan wasn’t particularly comfortable in her costume


‘They have stained my lips and my cheeks and they have pinned all my hair down and put a wig on me.

‘I have a crown on my head which is so heavy… I can’t feel my head anymore, it has gone numb! I have thermals on because it is so cold. And a ring that goes round my waist to give me an edge for my bum.’

Michelle Keegan and Jack Whitehall in Drunk History Michelle Keegan stars alongside Jack Whitehall in Drunk History


Drunk History sees comedians sink a few drinks as they retell a historical event in their own (rather tipsy) way.

Other celebrities taking part include Emma Bunton, Olivia Colman and Geordie Shore‘s Vicky Pattison, while Michelle stars alongside Jack Whitehall as Sir Walter Raleigh.

Emma Bunton in Drunk History Emma Bunton also appears in Drunk History


One of her scenes depicts the famous myth of Sir Walter stepping forth from a crowd and gallantly throwing his cloak over a mud puddle to protect Queen Elizabeth’s feet.

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Michelle is clearly a big fan of the lady she’s portraying, continuing: ‘She was highly regarded and well respected. I know she was strict and said she died a virgin but I would actually like to know what happened in her life.

Michelle Keegan and Jack Whitehall in Drunk History Michelle Keegan gets involved in a romantic story with Jack Whitehall


‘Did she actually die a virgin? I don’t think she did! I think that she didn’t want to marry otherwise she would have to give up her throne because as soon as she married her husband would have become king, so I think she didn’t want to give up her title.’

Tune into Comedy Central at 10pm tonight to watch Michelle and Jack in action.