Michelle Keegan Is ‘Quite Scared’ Of Our Girl Preparations

Michelle Keegan has admitted that she’s a teeny bit terrified about starting work on Army drama Our Girl.

The 28-year-old actress is replacing Lacey Turner as a highly-trained Corporal in the hit BBC show, with shooting set to begin in Africa in the next few weeks.

But before she gets in front of the camera, Mich has to prepare for her role – and that involves heading to a special Army boot camp. *Gulp*.

> Michelle Keegan is replacing Lacey Turner in Our Girl. Picture: BBC


Talking to The Sun, Michelle says: ‘I’ll be like Lara Croft but without the sexiness.

‘I’m going to boot camp to get used to wearing all the kit. They want me to get in the mindset of being in the Army, to teach me how to hold a gun and march.

‘They’ve told me I’ll be doing drills – I have no idea what that means, I’m quite scared.

> Michelle Keegan’s life is about to get a *little* less glam…


‘I’m also meeting the rest of the cast so it’s a bonding session as well. You’ve got to look the part and know your stuff.

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‘I need to know the terminology and also things like how to give CPR – this is all the stuff we’ll be doing. It’s crazy but a great thing to do.’

> Michelle Keegan will be away from husband Mark Wright during filming


Michelle was aware that she was taking on a lot when she signed up for Our Girl.

Not only does she have to live up to Lacey (which we have no doubt she’ll do fabulously), but she’ll also be thousands of miles away from hubby Mark Wright during the two-month shoot.

> Michelle Keegan’s taken on a number of different roles since leaving Corrie. Here she is in comedy Drunk History


And that’s not all. She’s also a tad concerned about having to work in such high temperatures, continuing: ‘I’ll be carrying all this kit, then the heat hits you.

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‘I’m going to be a mess as I hate being too hot. But I suppose it’ll look good in terms of make up because I’ll be all sweaty.’

> Michelle Keegan is used to the heat – but in a slightly different context


We’re pretty sure you’ll still look stunning, Mich. Good luck!