Michelle Keegan’s Our Girl Is Looking *Pretty* Dramatic

It looks like Michelle Keegan‘s role in Our Girl is going to be a pretty dramatic one.

The 29-year-old has been busy filming the second series of the BBC Army drama over the past few weeks – and now we’ve got a sneak peek of the set. Ooh.

Michelle Keegan has been shooting alongside a male co-star


Mich first flew to South Africa for shooting, before heading back to her hometown of Manchester.

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And it’s in the Northern city that the action appears to be heating up.

Michelle Keegan was quick to reach the injured girl


In character as Corporal Georgie Lane, Michelle was photographed rushing to the aid of a young girl who’d been knocked off her bike.

She’d previously been strolling down the street hand-in-hand with a rather handsome fellow, who we presume is her on-screen partner.

Michelle Keegan’s character has been using her medical knowledge


After the shock of helping the injured youngster, Michelle’s mystery man could be seen comforting her with a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

Aw. Let’s hope her real-life husband Mark Wright isn’t the jealous type, eh?!


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A few days later, Michelle was spotted going for a run and grabbing a bite to eat on set. But this being Britain, she was forced to take a break when it started raining torrentially.


It was actually in South Africa that we saw Mich getting kitted out in full-on Army gear. However, it seems as though things are just as full-on here in the UK.

Michelle Keegan got geared up in South Africa


This morning, Michelle captioned a photo of herself in front of two Starbucks cups: ‘After a night shoot today’s just one of them days… 2 it is!’

Aw, Mich. We’re sure it’ll all be worth it when we’re hooked on Our Girl!

Michelle Keegan looked a *little* miserable this morning