Michelle Keegan Reveals Her Nerves About Our Girl

Michelle Keegan is getting pretty nervous about replacing Lacey Turner in Our Girl.

It was announced last year that the actress would be taking over Lacey’s role in the BBC war drama, which she knows is quite a task.

She tells the Daily Star: ‘There is pressure replacing Lacey. I was a massive fan of the show and I thought she was amazing. I will do my best.’

> Lacey Turner played Molly Dawes in Our Girl. Picture: BBC


Lacey, 27, played East London girl Molly Dawes in Our Girl, who signed up for the British Army after finding out her boyfriend was cheating on her.

She became a Combat Medical Technician, flying to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and fighting to prove herself to the group of men she was working with.

In comparison, Michelle is set to star as a character named Corporal Georgie Lane.

> Michelle Keegan will play Corporal Georgie Lane in Our Girl


While we haven’t yet learned much about Georgie’s past, we know that her storyline will take her in a different direction to Molly’s.

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Michelle continues: ‘My character is going to be so different from hers so hopefully people won’t compare us too much.’

> Michelle Keegan will be separated from her husband Mark Wright when she flies to South Africa


Despite her fears, Michelle can’t wait to fly to South Africa to get stuck into the gruelling two-month filming schedule.

She’s previously told the Daily Mirror: ‘I’m so excited. I’ve known for a long time now so I just want to start filming, it’s been such a long wait.

‘The role is different to anything I’ve done before, so it’s out of my comfort zone. People probably look at me and think: “She couldn’t be in the Army.’ It will be mentally and physically challenging.’

> Michelle Keegan knows shooting will be ‘mentally and physically challenging’


But there’s one person who’s a teeny bit less excited about Mich’s trip abroad – her husband Mark Wright.

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He said last week: ’I’m going to miss her – we’ve never been apart for so long so it will be difficult. But it’ll be fine, I’m going to try and get out there when I can.

> Mark Wright is one supportive hubby


‘I’m so proud of Michelle – this is a great opportunity and I would never stand in her way.’

Aw, now that’s love. And we know you’ll be fab, Mich!