Michelle Keegan Talks About Mark Wright After *That* Danny Dyer Drama

Michelle has addressed her husband in a new blog post for the first time since his altercation with Danny Dyer at V Festival...

Michelle Keegan normally likes to keep quiet about husband Mark Wright, but in a new blog post, she’s spoken about him for the first time in months.

The former Corrie star has had a tough week, after Mark had a physical altercation with Danny Dyer at V Festival and the headlines were full of speculation about their alleged ‘scrap’.

And with rumours that their marriage could be on the rocks after Michelle was spotted without her wedding ring numerous times, it’s no wonder the actress is reluctant to discuss her man.

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Michelle has admitted she’s looking forward to spending time with Mark again…

However, she appears to have had a change of heart and has finally broken her silence, and in a new blog post for Hello!, Mich admits that she’s been missing her hubby.

‘It’s my last week filming Tina and Bobby, it’s been a very interesting and enjoyable filming project, and I have been working with a fantastic cast and crew’, she wrote.

‘I am also looking forward to a bit of down time where I can catch up with myself, spend time with Mark and our families, have some lazy days walking the dogs, do some Autumn clothes shopping, visit friends, and do some comfort food cooking at home. Hurray!’

Aw. This makes us happy.

Meanwhile, Mark has been putting the weekend’s dramas behind him, and has just touched back down in the UK following a much-needed break to Majorca.

After posting a photo from the plane, the former TOWIE star then shared his excitement for the Heart FM Sundowner party happening tonight with a (slightly sweaty) selfie.

‘From a plane to a train…. MAD RUSH ?? sweat on!! Popped home for a shower. Most pointless thing ever…. This tube is WARMMM !!!! Off to Dj at HEART’s sundowner party !! ✈️???’, he wrote.

We hope him and Mich get a chance for some quality time very soon. They definitely deserve it.