*This* Is What Michelle Keegan Has To Say About All The Marriage Speculation…

Michelle Keegan is not having it.

There’s not a lot that can faze the lovely Michelle Keegan.

Honestly, the gal’ has got this whole ‘life’ thing down to an art form…

Killer career? Check. *That* beautiful face? Double Check. Talented AND down-to-earth? Do you know what, lets just stop there. We’re getting far too jealous.


Blonde hair, don't care! ✌?️

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And do you know what Mich has absolutely NO time for? The speculation that often surrounds her marriage to husband of a year, Mark Wright. Yep, she’s not having it.

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According to close friend Liz Marsland, Michelle is far from fussed over the continual rumours often alluding to ‘trouble in paradise’.

Liz shares with OK! that 29-year-old Michelle is actually ‘used to it now’, adding: ‘I’ve not seen her for a couple of weeks but she’s in Manchester at the moment and we speak all the time. She’s doing great. She’s gone from one job to the next. She’s very versatile – even being blonde suits her. Although she could shave her hair off and still look good’.

The rumour mill certainly *has* been strife with talk of clashes between Mark and Michelle (are we calling them Marchelle yet? We really ought too- it’s not like it’s already been a year or anything), with many reports pinpointing ‘hectic work schedules’ as the problem.

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Close friends and family have been very adamant that the reports are nothing more than just rumours, however, with Mark’s sister Jessica recently sharing: ‘It’s awful for them but they have to rise above it and they do. I feel like constantly having to defend their relationship, even though they don’t because they don’t give a s**t!” It’s extremely annoying. I feel so bad for them because you don’t want to have negative vibes around your relationship’.

Mark himself recently took to Instagram to squash the rumours, captioning a snap of himself and Mich ‘TBT me and THE ONE!!‘.

TBT me and THE ONE !!

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Side note: Why didn’t our genetics do *this*?! How unfair.

Alice Perry