An Onlooker Describes Michelle Keegan And Mark Wright’s Body Language

Michelle and Mark were spotted shopping together at Stratford's Westfield, and we're pleased to say that looked *totally* loved up...

It’s been a busy ol’ year for Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright, with their jam-packed work schedules keeping them apart for months on end.

But at last, the couple have been reunited, and just weeks after Michelle admitted she was looking forward to some ‘downtime’ with her TV presenter man, Mark and Mich have been spotted out shopping in London.

It’s not often fans get to see this celebrity couple in their natural habitat, and after sightings of the pair looking a little tense on a recent holiday to Majorca, all eyes were on these two when they hit up Stratford shopping centre, Westfield.

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mark wright michelle keegan

Mark with wife Michelle Keegan…

So, did they look loved-up? Well, we’re pleased to report that YES, Mr and Mrs Wright looked very much to be the smitten married couple as they shopped for clothes.

‘Michelle bought some new clothes and a cute headband,’ an onlooker told Now.

‘Mark met her after she paid and they looked so loved up! He kissed her on the forehead as they walked out of the store hand-in-hand.’

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan in Cambridge, Britain - 24 Jun 2015


Michelle recently rubbished rumours that her and Mark were having difficulties, following months apart whilst she was filming Our Girl in South Africa.

‘We don’t read what is written about us’, Michelle told The Sun. ‘Are the rumours rubbish? Yeah. We are all very good and everything is fine.’

‘I have been so busy and Mark has been so busy’, the 29-year-old said.

Glad to hear all is well with the Wrights. We love these two.