Michelle Keegan Says The Rumours About Her And Mark Are ‘Rubbish’

The Our Girl actress has said 'everything is fine' between her and husband Mark Wright following rumours that their marriage was on the rocks...

Michelle Keegan has decided to come out and talk about her marriage to hubby Mark Wright once and for all.

The couple have been plagued with rumours that their relationship could be on the rocks for months now, with both stars being incredibly busy with their individual work schedules, and Mich being spotted without her wedding ring on on multiple occasions.

But now, the Our Girl actress (who is back to brunette, people!) has given an interview to explain what’s really been going on with her and her husband. And guys? They’re fine.

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Michelle Keegan has said her and Mark are ‘fine’…

‘We don’t read what is written about us’, Michelle told The Sun. ‘Are the rumours rubbish? Yeah. We are all very good and everything is fine.’

Explaining that her eight-week filming schedule in South Africa for upcoming BBC drama Our Girl meant they weren’t spotted together for a while, the 29-year-old said: ‘I have been so busy and Mark has been so busy.’

‘But we have just had three days in Majorca which was lovely.’


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Yep, just last week we saw Michelle and Mark reunited on what looked like a pretty romantic vaycay in Majorca, during which the couple posted plenty of loved up snaps to Instagram.

‘It was so nice to have each other’s undivided attention and not to have to plan anything’, Michelle said. ‘It wasn’t like, “I need to be up for filming” or “I need to do the radio”. It was just downtime.’

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On my way to the screening of #ourgirl last night #hidingthenerves ??

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Aw. Sounds like it was some much-needed couple time for these two.

Michelle also explained that Mark actually flew out to see her whilst she was filming Our Girl abroad, and spent two weeks out there.

‘He came to South Africa and stayed just under two weeks with his mum and dad’, she revealed.

Love this place…. ???

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‘My mum and brother were also out there so while I was working, Mark could be with his family and mine too. I was also off at weekends so we went for lovely dinners in the evenings.

‘It was nice to have them all see what I do and experience it with me’, she added.

Michelle finished by saying she was looking forward to enjoying married life once again over the next few weeks.

‘This week I’m busy, but after that I have a little bit of time off, so it’ll be nice to do normal things like having lie-ins and watching TV in our pyjamas’, she said.

‘“The kind of things you can only do when you’re at home.’