Michelle Keegan On Luke Pasqualino Becoming One Of Her Best Mates

An insider reveals how close Michelle Keegan and co-star Luke Pasqualino became on the set of Our Girl...

After last week’s episode of Our Girl saw Lance Corporal Georgia Lane and former flame Special Officer Elvis Harte finally get together, we literally can’t get enough of their fiery romance.

And whilst the whole country has been in awe of stars Michelle Keegan and Luke Pasqualino’s incredible chemistry on-screen (if you haven’t caught them yet, you seriously need to catch up), apparently the pair get on pretty well behind the camera as well.

After spending months in South Africa filming the hard-hitting military drama, it’s inevitable the talented actors would form a bond, and a show insider has spilled to Now: ‘Michelle and Luke became close because they have a lot in common.

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michelle keegan luke pasqualino

Michelle and Luke became close pals on the set of Our Girl…

‘Luke’s polite and sensitive and has spent time talking to Michelle about HeForShe, the gender equality campaign that they both support. She loves that he’s so caring.’


Despite Michelle being happily married to former TOWIE star, Mark Wright, her friendship with Luke has been a hot topic, and people just can’t stop speculating whether something more is going on.

Jeez. Can’t a girl have friends any more, people?!

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According to the insider, the ever professional Michelle had to spend a lot of time away from her husband so she could really get into character, saying: ‘Michelle embraced her character so much she lived and breathed the part.

‘She didn’t see Mark much because she wanted to concentrate on making it a success. She immersed herself in it for the whole time they were filming and that meant spending a lot of time with Luke.’

And the former Corrie star’s commitment to the role totally shows as fans have been gushing over just how ah-mazing her performance has been.

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But after former Skins actor Luke couldn’t make it to the launch of the BBC drama because he was busy filming for a new show, it did nothing to squash rumours of the pairs relationship, and many people have been speculating whether Mark was the reason for his no-show.

‘Luke knows there has been a lot said about them and he didn’t want the chat about that to get in the way of the show,’ the insider added.

‘Mark feels Michelle’s friendship with Luke has created a huge amount of media attention and he finds it frustrating. After a lot of thought Michelle decided to call time on her contact with Luke in a bid to try and stop the speculation. She doesn’t want Mark feeling awkward either – it’s not easy for anyone.’

But Michelle has been quick to deny the rumours, and recently told the Daily Star that Mark didn’t have an issue watching her get close to Luke in the show: “He has seen the first episode of Our Girl already.

“But I’ve been with Mark for four years now so he’s seen me kiss a lot of men on screen.

“He knows it’s a job and that it’s in the script… It is a little bit awkward for me watching that scene back.

“But I’d feel a lot more awkward if I was watching it with my dad. I’d be cringing. My parents are going to see it when it airs but at least I won’t be in the room with them.”

mark wright

She added of her sex-scene in the opening episode: “I’m lucky that scene was with Luke.

“We did so much together that he was one of my best mates. And he’s done scenes like that so many times.

“He made me feel really comfortable. And the director was so lovely too. It was a closed set so it’s not like there were people coming in and out.”

Aww, great to see Luke is such a gent.

With everyone eagerly anticipating this weeks instalment of Our Girl, apparently new pals Mich and Luke are also keen to focus on the show, as the Now source added: ‘They became great friends. Off camera they gravitated to one another.

There’s no denying that they had a palpable connection on set. But now they want the talk to be about Our Girl and not them…’

Well we definitely can’t stop talking about the action-packed drama. Roll on Wednesday!

By Naomi Bartram