Michelle Dockery: “I Felt Like Kate Middleton In Wedding Scenes”

Kate Middleton has more in common with Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery than you might think. Michelle has revealed that she felt like the Duchess Of Cambridge when she was filming wedding scenes for series three of Downton Abbey, because of all the security.

She told The Mirror: “I felt a bit like Kate Middleton with all the security, but we didn’t want people seeing the dress before the day. I’d never worn a wedding dress – I’ve never filmed an on-screen wedding before. I loved it.

“It’s a truly stunning dress and I’m sure people will make some comparisons with the royal wedding. As we arrived at the church and stepped out of the carriage the crowds were just amazing, with all these supporting artists cheering us on.”

Could we be any more excited?

Despite feeling like a real-life princess while filming the romantic scenes, Michelle – who plays Lady Mary – admits she still gets nervous. She added: “It felt strange, you get those nerves. It did make me think a little bit about what it would be like to be a bride.” Aww. We can’t wait to see Mary marry Cousin Matthew. It’ll be like watching the royal wedding all over again! RM