The Made In Chelsea Tiff, Sam And Mimi Dramz Is Officially Still On

There's a real part to reality TV, and the trio's most recent awkward encounter proves it...

Another day, another full-scale fallout in Chelsea.

The most recent (and seriously intense) Made In Chelsea drama occurred in Ibiza, whilst some of the cast were away filming their annual summer holiday series.

Firmly back on British soil, what happened in ‘Beefa clearly hasn’t stayed there.

On the White Isle, we saw long-term partners Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson make the difficult decision to take a break from their relationship – with rules, of course.


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We had hopes for them, we really did.

Sadly, Sam was first to dash our dreams when he promptly shacked up with Mimi Bouchard just days after arriving on hols (that’s rule number one, guys – no mutual friends!).

Cue Tiff’s arrival a few weeks later in the midst of a ‘rebound fling’, which both Sam and Mimi momentarily mistook for something ‘real’. There were loads of tears from Tiff and Sam, and Tiff branded Mimi ‘a dumpling’.

A lil while ago (just going through my old phone – this was actually taken the day I got MIC 😯)

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The whole series ended with Shakespeare-scale tragedy and Tiff and Sam firmly broken up.

We all know reality shows are filmed weeks ahead of real life, so we can’t be the only ones to have developed the habit of checking the casts’ Instagram accounts to see if we can nosy anything out.

But recent IRL events can confirm that the feud is still well and truly underway, with Tiff and Mimi having an unfortunate run-in at an event by dating app Badoo.

A source tells Now: ‘Awkwardly Tiff and Mimi arrived at the same time, resulting in an extremely frosty reception where Mimi appeared to goad Tiff – which Tiff ignored. This then led to a brief altercation on the way up to the venue.’

And when Sam himself arrived at the venue a while later, he also refused to acknowledge his former fling.

‘I didn’t speak to Mimi, because although me and Tiff have broken up, I obviously respect her an awful lot,’ he said.

But the snub sure didn’t go unnoticed by Canadian Mimi, who took to Twitter in a rage later in the evening to vent.

‘Really over fake people,’ she said. ‘There’s a difference between angry and cruel. If you’re happy with yourself and how you act and who you really are deep down THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.’

The saga continues.

By Marianna Manson