Mental Health Segment Cut From This Morning In Favour Of Royal Engagement Coverage

And, understandably, Twitter is not happy about it...

Sure, we’ve all been reading about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s happy news – and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re totally besotted with the newly engaged couple.

But a now-viral Twitter post has shed light on the fact that a very important topic was cut from Monday’s episode of This Morning, in favour of the breaking news.

It appears that a girl named Ellie was scheduled to appear on the ITV show along with her father Brian, in order to discuss the stigma surrounding mental health.

The pair were invited to take a guest spot on This Morning after one of Ellie’s social media posts went viral a few weeks back.

Posting about her dad’s journey with depression, she wrote: ‘This year began with my dad mentally suffering depression and suicide attempt.

‘Today he ends the year starting his new career in becoming a recovery support worker. Words can’t describe how proud we are #breakthestigma It’s okay not to be okay…’

What an incredible story.

However, on the day that this story was set to reach a much wider audience, their ITV appearance was cut in favour of coverage surrounding the highly anticipated royal announcement.

Whilst #RoyalEngagement was trending across social media, and words of congratulations were being shared for Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, Ellie took to her own account to share her disappointment at the last minute switch-up.

The tweet read: ‘Unfortunately today was not the day for our story to be heard. Due to breaking news our story was cut off live tv. The royal wedding will go ahead however mental health issues will always remain until next time Dad. #breakthestigma… [sic]’.

Of course, we totally understand the nature of breaking news.

But we really hope that Ellie and her dad will still get the opportunity to spread their important message.

And considering that Prince Harry himself has been a very active advocate for mental health awareness, we’re sure that he would want the same.

A statement has been made via the official Twitter account for This Morning, which states that an ‘open invitation’ has been extended to both Ellie and Brian to go back and share their story.