Meghan Trainor Pulls Music Video Over Photoshopping

Singer Meghan Trainor pulled down her new music video from the Internet after she realised that her waist had been digitally altered.

Me Too was taken down from Vevo after fans of Meghan speculated that the singer had been retouched to look significantly slimmer. And now, the lady herself has spoken out.

Speaking to USA Today, Meghan said: ‘I was like, “Why would they do this?” I cried. I had to try not to cry because I had my [make-up] done, and was like, “Don’t ruin this. Go work and ignore it,” but I couldn’t help it.

‘I texted the editors like, “I never asked you to touch my waist. I want my waist back.”

‘It’s insulting, it’s rude. Especially because I’m the only artist who talks about it.’

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Meghan, who is considered a role model for young image-conscious girls, then posted a photo to her instagram showing just how much editing had been done to her waistline.



The left is the edited version, whilst the ride side is the unedited version of the music video.

WOW. We mean, subtle much?

Alongside the photo, Meghan wrote a message of thanks to her fans: ‘The real #metoo video is finally up! Missed that bass. Thank you everyone for the support’.

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She also took to Snapchat to tell her fans what had happened. ‘(I) was like, “Hey, took down my video because people are still breaking me and Photoshopping me and I’m sick of it. I’m over it. I’m so done.”’

Well she is all about THAT bass after all.

We say well done to Meghan for speaking out about this. We think she looks fabulous the way she is!


By Megan Wiseman