Everyone Is Talking About This Adorable Moment Between Meghan Markle And Prince William

We LOVE that she's already a part of the family...

Royal fans have been completely caught up in the birth of the new prince, but let’s not forget that there’s also a royal wedding on the horizon.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to tie the knot on the 19th May; they have just confirmed their music of choice and, after much speculation, Kensington Palace also just confirmed that Prince William has been asked to be Best Man.

We’re used to seeing adorable interactions between Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, but yesterday we were given an insight into just how well Meghan is getting on with her future family.

As the royal trio arrived at Westminster Abbey to honour fallen serviceman at the Anzac Day Service on Wednesday, cameras captured a candid moment between the former Suits actress and her future brother-in-law.

It’s been well documented that Meghan has been bonding with Kate Middleton over healthy recipes, and others have pointed out a number of signs that indicate how highly the Queen approves.

But now we can see that the 36-year-old also has a budding friendship with her fiancé’s brother, having welcomed him with open arms at his first official appearance since the birth of his new son.

Meghan seemed to be offering her congratulations after the birth of the new prince, and it’s heartwarming to see…

Prince William has previously indicated how happy he is to be welcoming Meghan into the fold.

‘I am particularly happy to be at our first Royal Foundation event with Meghan,’ he said at their very first public engagement as a four in February, alongside the Duchess of Cambridge and his brother prince Harry.

Meghan sure seems to be a natural; she has already been accompanying her future husband to a number of official events and has also used her royal affiliation to speak out on important issues.

What’s more, she has also totally captured the hearts of the public.

We have a feeling that together this Fantastic Four are going to do great things.