The Real Reason You Might Not See Prince Harry And Meghan Markle For A While

Well they do have a wedding to plan, guys...

We’ve been a little spoilt with appearances of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lately – thanks to their jam-packed schedules – but it seems that this might be about to change.

The in-demand couple are expected to be taking a break from the public eye in order to focus on preparations for their wedding day.

Yup. Harry and Meghan, sadly, do not appear to be scheduled to attend any more royal engagements before May 19, according to Kensington Palace.

Ever since the loved-up pair announced their engagement, they have been stepping out for a whole host of different events together, supporting a wide variety of causes at the same time.

This appeared to really step up a notch in recent weeks, probably to familiarise the public with Harry’s new fianc√©e before she takes on a more official role within the firm.

The 36-year-old has already proven to be a big hit; thanks to her standout style, tendency to break away from the typical royal mould and habit of speaking out on important and topical issues, the ‘Meghan Effect’ is in full swing.

Meghan Markle

Whilst we may feel a little sad that we won’t be seeing Heghan out and about for a while, it’s entirely understandable; the pair are reportedly being very hands-on when it comes to the organisation of their big day, so they do have a lot on their plate.

In most recent wedding news, Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince William will be Best Man to his younger brother, and their wedding music has also been officially announced.

And with only three weeks to go, we’re sure that there are plenty more final touches to be decided.