The £48 Beauty Treatment That Completely Transformed Meghan Markle’s Face

The bride-to-be's eyebrow stylist (yes, that's a thing) has revealed her secret...

Meghan Markle is definitely the woman of the moment.

It seems as though the whole world is currently obsessing over her, thanks to the announcement that she’s going to be married to Prince Harry.

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But Meghan was pretty darn crushable before she was handed a sparkler from a prince, thanks to her kickass humanitarian work, her tendency to speak out about feminism and her effortless cool girl style.

The Suits actress has undergone quite the transformation during her Hollywood evolution, and now we might know one of her big secrets.

You might have noticed that Meghan has some pretty statement ‘power brows’ – move over, Cara Delevingne – but, as it turns out, she used to be a bit of an over-plucker.

meghan markle eyebrows

Meghan Markle back in 2011

We’ve all been there, Megs.

She’s now a regular at the Nails & Brows salon in Mayfair, apparently. And founder Sherrille Riley has revealed exactly what treatment gets Markle looking so good.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the bride-to-be asks for ‘The Audrey’ treatment.

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The celebrity eyebrow stylist told the publication: ‘This style is modern, elegant and super flattering for Markle’s features.

‘You can’t really go wrong with ‘The Audrey’.’

Riley continues: ‘You’ll notice that her brows are straight and archless, lifting slightly upwards towards the end of her brows.

‘This helps to lift her eyes whilst balancing her features.’

Meghan’s go-to treatment, which takes just 20-minutes, comes in at a pretty affordable £48.

And we want what she’s having.