Meghan Markle Completely Failed This Quiz On All Things British (And It’s Hilarious)

To be fair, we couldn't have answered half of these questions either...

By Jennifer Davis

From the editors of InStyle US

Meghan Markle had better brush up on her British facts, fast!

The former Suits actress will soon join the royal family – but before her engagement to Prince Harry she was just an average American gal asked to test her knowledge about British culture during an appearance on Dave back in July 2016.

Spoiler alert: She did terribly.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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But we will let her off the hook a bit – for someone who has never lived in England full-time before, and didn’t grow up around our weird and wonderful lingo, these are a bit tricky.

Do you know what ‘apples and pears’ means in Cockney rhyming slang? That ‘Hoptimus Prime’ is the name of a real British ale? Or that Scotland’s national animal is an actual unicorn? We definitely couldn’t have answered the last one.

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But, come on Meghan – everyone knows we don’t say sidewalk over here.

Watch the video in full above to see for yourself how well Meghan did (or didn’t). She’d better swot up before the wedding…