Megan McKenna Hits Back After She’s Trolled For THIS Body Part

The TOWIE babe has had to respond to an influx of Instagram comments about her, er, toes. Nope, we're not kidding...

Megan McKenna has just had to deny that she has six toes on one foot. Yup, we’re actually talking about this right now.

In today’s pretty unbelievable news, the 24-year-old has felt the need to respond to internet trolls that think they might have spotted something a little different about her body.

Let us paint you the picture; the reality star shared an OOTD with her Instagram followers on Sunday afternoon, comprising of some sassy corset trousers and a silky top.

Last nights date night attire 🍿🎥❤️ Get my outfit from @misspap 👉🏼link in bio 😘

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So far, so normal.

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Apparently, though, the fact that Megan was barefoot caused some issues, as a number of fans believe to have spied an extra toe. Blimey.

Since #ToeGate occurred, the reality star seems to have re-uploaded her image with her feet cropped out, and she’s also addressed the bizarre response to her original picture in an Instagram video.

In the video clip, Megan says, ‘I know all you guys have been wondering today if I have a sixth toe well here you go…’

#Toegate 👣

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Panning down to her manicured feet, the ITVBe star proceeded to count her toes. And yep, there’s 10 little piggies going to market.

The feisty Essex lady then added: ‘Excuse the feet they’re not the best feet in the world but it’s a bit worrying that people are so interested and send me abusive message and tweets and Instagram posts…’

Earlier on, Megan also uploaded a photo of her feet along with a lengthy caption that hit back at her ‘bullies’.

She wrote, ‘Just to clarify to you stupid idiots. I have 5 toes on each foot. It’s actually so sad that people troll me so much!

‘And make me feel the need to delete photos and get upset over stuff. When an angle can look weird and make it look different…’

Oh Megan 🙁

We think it’s about time that people stopped the body-shaming, don’t you?