Megan McKenna’s Ex Has Something To Say About Her And Pete Wicks

The TOWIE star had a brief encounter with the Geordie Shore star on Celebrity Big Brother. And he's weighed in on her current relationship drama with Pete Wicks...

Geordie Shore‘s Scotty T has a habit of speaking up on topics that don’t quite concern him, and he’s only gone and done it again.

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The MTV personality got close to Megan McKenna during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house. It was brief, but that hasn’t stopped him from forming a pretty strong opinion on the reality lady.


In the wake of her relationship troubles with Pete Wicks, Scotty T has revealed that he would avoid her at all costs – err, who’s to say that she wouldn’t do exactly the same? – branding her an ‘absolute f****** nightmare.’


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Of course, he didn’t stop there. Talking to The Sun, the Geordie reality star also weighed in on Pete’s texting antics.

megan pete

Scotty told the publication: ‘He shouldn’t have been sending pictures of his chopper to his ex bird.

‘No good that, if you’re going to do that don’t get caught.’

Err. Not really sure that’s the point.


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He continued, ‘Saying that Megan is ruthless…’

He later added: ‘I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of her man. Liberty.’

Megan has hinted at the idea that she’s not best pleased with her former flame’s remarks, cryptically tweeting:

And we think that Megan has every right to be upset right now, tbh.


It was recently revealed that her boyfriend had been sexting his ex Jacqui Ryland behind her back, and she later admitted that she’d also found a number of conversations on his phone with around ten other girls.

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The ITVBe star could be seen breaking down on recent episodes of The Only Way Is Essex as she struggled to understand why Pete had betrayed her.

We’re sending you our love, lady.