Megan McKenna Rants About Pete Wicks On Twitter

Are things about to get even more dramatic for our favourite TOWIE couple?

Megan McKenna has been doing a pretty good job of showing Pete Wicks what he’s missing, following the revelations that he had been in contact with his former flame behind her back.

Yup. We were devastated to hear it too.

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Over the weekend, it was revealed that the The Only Way Is Essex couple had a furious row in Marbella, once it came out that Pete had been sending explicit texts to his ex, Jacqui Ryland.

'The Only Way is Essex' cast in Marbella, Spain - 26 Sep 2016

The 24-year-old then confirmed it on Snapchat, sharing an emotional message with her followers. And it was clear that she was heartbroken.

Megan explained: ‘I actually found some messages on Pete’s phone a few weeks ago and they weren’t good but I thought I’d give him another chance, as I feel like everyone deserves a second chance.’

She later added: ‘But then like, today, for some girl to sell a story about it, and for me to see messages that I hadn’t seen before. That f****** hurts.’

'The Only Way is Essex' filming, Marbella, Spain - 30 Sep 2016

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Pete was reportedly flown back to the UK early, after the pair were pictured having an explosive row in Marbs.

Now that Megan has also returned home, she’s been keeping herself busy cosying up with her pooch, and spending time with her best friend.

Way to take the high road, lady.

Letting her followers in on what she’s been up to, Meg shared a belated birthday present, which she received on a girls’ night with her BFF.

She wrote: ‘Ok I LEGIT have the BEST bff EVERRRRR!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh bring on bieber @amberturnerx I love you ?’.

Ok I LEGIT have the BEST bff EVERRRRR!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh bring on bieber @amberturnerx I love you ?

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But things took a turn this afternoon. If Megan’s Twitter is anything to go by, it seems that she’s found out some information that she’s not too pleased with.

The feisty reality star ranted: ‘Wow. Certain people, speaking on my behalf in Petes ‘camp’ releasing s*** to press without finding out the truth first.’

Her fans didn’t take long to offer her messages of support.

Reactions included: ‘I hope u don’t let this get to you too much your so beautiful and deserve so much more! ❤️❤️’ and ‘don’t rise to it hun! Your doing good keeping silent now’ [sic].

Sending you love, lady.