Megan McKenna Gets Real About *Those* Surgery Rumours

It’s safe to say that Megan McKenna has one ah-mazing figure.

And there’s one thing in particular that fans have noticed about the 23-year-old TOWIE star – her Kardashian-style booty.

But for some reason, not everyone believes that her derrière is 100% real. Instead, they reckon she’s had a bit of help from the surgeon.

> Yep. That’s a pretty impressive bum


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Now Megan has hit back, letting everyone know that her curves are all hers.

She tells Femail: ‘The only surgery I’ve had is my lips, I haven’t had anything in my bum – I don’t need to, I’ve got a big bum! I take it as a compliment.’

> Megan McKenna has been open about having her lips done


Despite being open about her lip fillers, she’s insisted that she’s done with cosmetic work, continuing: ‘I like the whole natural vibe. I don’t like the fake look.’

So how did she achieve her super-svelte bod? Well apparently, she doesn’t even go to the gym.

Instead, she claims it’s all down to a ‘naturally fast metabolism’ and the fact that she’s gluten-free, due to having coeliac disease (an intolerance to gluten). 



She says: ‘I hate the gym, working out in front of people makes me feel really insecure.

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‘I don’t really work out but I run around a lot and I’m always travelling so it’s not like I’m sat around slobbing at home.’



And she’s clearly feeling pretty confident right now. Y’know those internet trolls that like to set upon every celebrity out there? Megan’s not bothered.

She says: ‘I like replying to the nice Tweets, but I like replying to the bad Tweets too. I like to put people in their place, it’s fun.



‘With every bad Tweet I get, there are loads of good ones. I get loads of good ones, I focus on the good ones.’

Wise move, lady.