Megan McKenna And Pete Wicks Have Shared Some Exciting Plans

The TOWIE couple are back on track...

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks might have experienced their fair share of relationship drama, but the couple appear to have come out of the other side stronger than ever.

The loved-up pair reunited recently, and have since been spotted filming scenes together for the new series of The Only Way Is Essex. 

And it seems as though they’re looking to their future together, with Megan, 24, admitting that she’s already got some pretty elaborate ideas about what she’d like for her wedding.

‘I would want it to be like a royal wedding,’ the reality star explains.

She continued: ‘The Duchess of Cambridge meets Diana [Princess of Wales]. A massive dress, all the ivy falling down, a huge church.’

Megan also told OK! magazine: ‘I’d like a proper traditional wedding…

‘I don’t like all that doing it abroad. I would want it to be massive!’


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And how does Pete, 28, feel about all of this? Well, it seems as though he’s behind her.

‘I never thought about getting married before I was with Megan, but I think every girl does,’ he explained.

The pair had an explosive split back in April, with some of their most upsetting arguments airing on the ITVBe show.

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks split earlier this year

Reports started to emerge of their reconciliation in June, and now it seems as though they’ve started fresh.

‘We never thought we’d get back together but now we’re stronger than ever,’ Megan explained.

Beaut bit of food @mckgrill last night…before it all got right out of hand! 🍽😍🍸😂 #DateNight

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 ‘I feel like if it was going to work, we needed that proper break. We couldn’t be having that rubbish where you start seeing each other again after a few days,’ she said of their time apart.

Pete agreed: ‘We had a good break apart…

‘But since getting back together it’s been like a new relationship. It’s the beginning.’

Aww. We’re happy for you, guys.