We Can’t Quite Believe This News About Megan McKenna And Pete Wicks

According to one of their co-stars, it seems as though they might be back together...

Apparently Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna are back together again.

Yup, if you’ve been as obsessed with the current series of The Only Way Is Essex as we have, you’ll know all about their explosive split. After a year of dating, the pair decided to call it quits and, in true TOWIE-style, it had a knock on effect on the rest of the cast.

Now, according to one of Pete’s best friends Chloe Sims, it seems that they ARE working on their relationship once again.

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Megan Pete

Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna have been rowing throughout the series…

After filming for the ITVBe show ended on Thursday, rumours started to circulate that they might have reunited.

Despite the fact that Megan herself took to Twitter to seemingly deny the claims (in a post that now appears to have been deleted) Chloe seems to have done the opposite.

If you’ve watched the last few episodes, you’ll know that Chloe became pretty involved in the drama of their break-up, having fallen out with Megan a few times.

Chloe Sims

Now, Chloe has reportedly told Star magazine: ‘I reckon they’re back together because of the way he’s behaved lately.’

What’s more, the mum-of-one seems to hold the belief that Megan is doing it for attention, continuing: ‘I think she’s doing it for the show, though.

‘Some people are really hungry and just want the airtime!’


Megan doesn’t seem too impressed by these words, however, taking to Twitter to cryptically hit back: ‘Yawnnnnnn to certain people on the show talking about me to press ONCE AGAIN. #Boreoff’.

She added: ‘I actually have a life unlike some people on the show still talking about me and my relationship dramas…’

Megan and Pete split in March, deciding that it wasn’t working out between them.

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks

It hasn’t been the easiest series of TOWIE for Pete Wicks and his ex-girlfriend Megan McKenna

But, according to The Sun, they decided to give their relationship another go, away from the cameras, once the show had finished filming.

An insider reportedly told the publication: ‘Megan and Pete still love each other despite everything and they want their time off from TOWIE to be about them and try to rekindle what they had.

‘It’s very early days, but they’ve had a few heart to hearts and now TOWIE’s finished filming they can work through things in complete privacy.’

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks split on-screen during the latest series of TOWIE

They alleged: ‘Only time will tell whether they can work things out and get back to where they were.

‘They realised that the pressure of fame and having the cameras on their relationship was responsible for so many of their problems.

‘The whole cast now have four months off from TOWIE, so Megan and Pete are going to use this time to focus on them, and enjoy the space and privacy to let their relationship grow.’

We’ll be watching this space. And we wish them both luck.