Was This The Cause Of Megan McKenna And Pete Wicks’ Row?

Following pictures of THAT heated argument, speculation is rife...

As seasoned TOWIE viewers will know, Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks’ break-up has been at the forefront of recent episodes.

Despite confirming their split on social media a few weeks back, things are a little more fresh on-screen.

But despite the breathing time away from the cameras, new pictures would suggest that more heartbreak has since unfolded.

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In the photos – which are understood to have been taken during upcoming TOWIE filming – the former couple seem to be engaged in a very heated argument.

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However, the subject of the argument has remained slightly allusive, with one source claiming it could have something to do with cheating allegations. Eep.


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Although unconfirmed, The Sun has reported that Megan was upset over recent snaps of Pete and his co-star Chloe Sims looking friendly outside a hotel.

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The insider says: ‘Megan called him [Pete] up on the photos and asked what’s going on. Pete defended Chloe and said nothing had happened and that she hadn’t done anything wrong, but Megan started screaming: “Why are you sticking up for her?”‘

We’re definitely feeling for our gal Megs right now. However, Pete and Chloe are good friends, so hopefully she’s got the wrong end of the stick.

Alice Perry