Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks Spotted ‘On Holiday Together’ In Vegas

It seems these two may be trying to work out their issues...

On/off TOWIE couple Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks are trying to make their relationship work while holidaying together in Las Vegas, according to reports.

Pictures taken by a fan and released by The Sun Online show the brunette couple lounging together by a pool at a stunning Vegas hotel.

Onlookers commented that they both seemed relaxed, although Pete spent a lot of time on his phone. Hmm.

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A source says: ‘Megan and Pete still love each other despite everything and they want their time off from TOWIE to be about them and try to rekindle what they had.

‘It’s very early days, but they’ve had a few heart to hearts and now TOWIE’s finished filming they can work through things in complete privacy.

‘Only time will tell whether they can work things out and get back to where they were.

‘They realised that the pressure of fame and having the cameras on their relationship was responsible for so many of their problems.

‘The whole cast now have four months off from TOWIE, so Megan and Pete are going to use this time to focus on them, and enjoy the space and privacy to let their relationship grow.’

The news comes three months after their explosive break-up was aired on the reality show. Megan denied they were back together at the time.


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Bringing @mouthybymegan to Vegas. 'Hello Dolly' loving right now 🌚

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With Pete and Megan posting similar Instagram snaps just a day apart, fans were quick to guess the pair had rekindled things.

On Pete’s post, some were supportive. ‘Get a Pete and Meg pic, considering you’re there together ❤️❤️❤️,’ one fan requested.

Another said: ‘I hope they are back together as they make an amazing couple. I wish them all the best ❤️.’

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks split on-screen during the latest series of TOWIE

However, others weren’t so impressed.

‘So sad to see you back together to wreck each other’s lives some more,’ an upset follower commented.

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Another agreed: ‘Ugh him & her back together then 🙄🙄 so over it a poxy story line for towie – done.’

‘Omg these pair are not back together pls god noooooo he’s mad for that s***.. Pete noooooo,’ one fan wrote.

Is there a future for this explosive couple?

By Emily Jefferies