Megan McKenna And Pete Wicks Clash During Ugly Rows On TOWIE

The pair are currently on a break…

TOWIE is back on our telly screens which can only mean one thing: mega drama. With Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks right at the heart of it.

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Last night’s explosive episode saw the aftermath of the big Megan vs. Gatsby row where the brunette ended up calling Lydia Bright’s cousin a “fat c***.” Ouch.

Pete Wicks asked Megan to stop calling him “ugly”

Pete took his then girlfriend aside to have a word, telling her to apologise to Gatsby “for the fat comment.”

Erm, what about the C-bomb, Pete? No? All right then.

Megan admitted she was “gonna say sorry for the fat comment” before saying “but I’m not saying sorry…”

It gave Pete the perfect opportunity to bring up his grievances with Megs’ arguing tactics.

Megan and Pete are taking a break from their relationship

“Whilst we’re on saying sorry, obviously whenever we have a row you call me ugly. It would be great it you could apologise to me for that.”

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Megan McKenna on This Morning

Megan was having none of it, telling her (now ex) beau to “Shut up” because she definitely didn’t mean anything by her harsh words; she just says “stupid things.”

Just last week McKenna told ITV’s This Morning that her and Pete were taking some time out of their tumultuous relationship.

Since the episode aired Pete has tweeted things like “You live and learn..” and “Thank f*** this week is over.” We get the feeling he’s a bit over it.