Why Megan McKenna And Pete Wicks’ Celebrity Juice Appearance Was Awkward

The TOWIE stars were grilled about their relationship, but Pete shocked viewers by being less-than-complimentary about his on/off girlfriend Megan...

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks have had a seriously tumultuous past few months. But they showed a united front on Celebrity Juice last night…

Well, for about five minutes.

When the TOWIE couple appeared on the panel together on last night’s show, it looked like things might finally be on the up for the on/off lovers.

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Keith Lemon grilled Pete and Megan on their relationship on Celebrity Juice…

However, Pete didn’t get off to a great start when he quickly corrected host Keith Lemon after he called Megan Pete’s ‘girlfriend’.

After Keith gave Megan a compliment (about how gorgeous she is, obv), Pete pipped up by saying: ‘β€˜Alright, slow down Keith, for f***’s sake.’

And when Keith simply replied by saying he was paying his girlfriend a compliment, Pete snapped back with: ‘Ex-girlfriend’. *Cue big gasp from the audience*.

Pete was being less than complimentary about Megan on the show last night...

Pete was being less than complimentary about Megan on the show last night…

Um, Pete? Aren’t you supposed to be on your best behaviour right now?

Pete also shocked fans by being less-than-complimentary about Megan throughout the show, as shortly after that, he accused his co-star of being dumb.

Keith asked: ‘How did you feel when you got the script for TOWIE and it said you were going to break up?’ (Teehee).

And Pete replied: ‘Well she can’t read so it wasn’t a problem…’

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‘He’s horrible about you!’, Holly Willoughby then cried. We kind of agree with you there, Holls.

To make matters even worse, a segment later on showed Keith grilling Pete on which celebrity Megan would, *ahem*, most like to have a threesome with…

‘Are you joking? Who’s the only person I really talk about?’ Megan complained, with Pete firing back: ‘Yourself?’


We’re a little confused. After Pete’s grand gestures of romance on TOWIE, plus that great big ‘M’ tattoo he just got inked onto his hand as a sign of his love for Megs, we kind of expected him to still be trying to win her back? Not to rinse her on TV.

And viewers on Twitter certainly weren’t enamoured with his behaviour last night, either.

‘Pete is such a show off πŸ™ˆ poor megan! πŸ˜‚ No more shandy’s for you! #celebjuice’, one tweeted.

‘So it’s official!!! Your man Pete Wicks is total w***** βœŠπŸ’¦πŸ’¦#celebjuice’, slammed another.

Megan took the whole thing in jest, however, and even tweeted afterwards how much she’d enjoyed being on the show – whilst getting a little dig in at Pete at the same time: