Megan McKenna Speaks Out About Pete Wicks For The First Time

Ahead of tonight's emotional TOWIE episode, Megan has made a shocking new revelation about Pete...

Megan McKenna has finally broken her silence, speaking out for the first time about her relationship with Pete Wicks since that heartbreaking Snapchat story.

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The 24-year-old was clearly devastated when news broke that her boyfriend of seven months had been messaging his ex Jacqui Ryland behind her back.

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The Sun first revealed the nature of their naughty texts, but Megan later confessed that she’d known about their contact, but not the extent of it.

Now, in her first interview since the scandal broke, she has revealed that she had actually caught him out messaging ten other girls, weeks before.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Megan opened up: ‘I had a weird feeling in my stomach… Pete had been “off” with me for about a week, it was my birthday coming up and we’d had a few rows because he made me feel like he hated me, so I looked in his phone.

‘I never expected to find what I did. I didn’t just find one text, I found a lot… There were 10 different girls.’

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The TOWIE star explained that they had been working through their problems privately after she made the discovery.

‘There was one girl who caught my eye – it wasn’t Jacqui – and they had been texting non-stop for three months back and forth.

‘She had been sending topless pictures of herself, and there was one where she was lying on her bed with her legs on show and me and Pete were on the TV in the background.

‘I also found messages from Jacqui but there was only a few. I didn’t pay attention to her as I was focused on the others. Pete said he never found her or the other girls attractive.’

She added: ‘I feel completely mugged off.’


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Megan revealed that she chose to forgive Pete in private and had decided to give him another chance, after he promised to tell her the truth about everything.

‘I sat him down and made him tell me everything and he said, “You know I’d never do this again to you, I’ve f****** up and made a mistake.”

‘He got a new phone, blocked all the numbers and deleted Snapchat. I now have his Twitter and Instagram on my phone.

‘He said “I want to show you how much you mean to me.”‘

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Wednesday’s episode will see the showdown between Megan and Pete…

But, in scenes that are due to be aired on tonight’s TOWIE, Megan was blindsided by her BFF Danielle Armstrong, not knowing that the messages had been made public. And she was unaware of the explicit nature of the messages.

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She tells The Sun, ‘I sat there and read it and broke down. I couldn’t even breathe. I had gone through it all on my own in private and then it happened again but worse.’

Nodding to the interview that Jacqui gave, Megan added: ‘She also said Pete was using me for my fame but how can she say that when she is using both of us for her own fame?

‘I feel like it’s not him and this whole thing we’ve had has been a lie.’

Oh Megan 🙁