Megan McKenna Has Hit Back At Those Who Think She Is Being ‘Fake’

The TOWIE star's relationship with Pete Wicks has been put under the microscope following *that* sexting scandal. But she's opened up about the real extent of her heartbreak...

There’s so much attention on Megan McKenna right now, and with her and Pete Wicks’s relationship troubles being played out on The Only Way Is Essex, we don’t see it slowing down any time soon.

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Last night’s emotional episode saw the 24-year-old finding out the extent of her boyfriend’s betrayal. She confronted him, and seemed to be struggling to understand why he’d felt the need to message other girls behind her back.

We mean, we’re right there with you, lady.

Megan McKenna Danielle TOWIE

Megan and Danielle discuss the betrayal at dinner in Marbella…

But in the wake of the news, Meg has just confessed the real reason why it’s hurt so much.

Speaking to The Sun, she admitted: ‘I was in a relationship for nearly three years before I was on TV and that boy broke my heart and my trust and Pete knows – that’s why I’m so upset.

‘Pete knows I can’t trust boys and then he goes and does that.’

Megan McKenna TOWIE Marbella

Megan left Marbella early after finding out what Pete had been up to…

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Megan continued, ‘I let my ex boyfriend get away with it for years.

‘He made me lose my confidence, I wasn’t the same person but then I got it all back, I’m doing well in my career, I’m on telly, and I’ve got such a nice boyfriend but now I feel like I’ve gone back to how I was a few years ago.’

Oh Megan 🙁 We’ve all been there at some point, and it’s a truly awful feeling.

Megan McKenna TOWIE

Megan McKenna has been left heartbroken by Pete’s behaviour…

The former CBB housemate also admitted that she’s not as tough as people assume she is: ‘People think because I’m hard faced I’m this hard person but I’m only like that because I’ve been hurt – the worst thing is Pete’s been telling me to let my guard down for months.

‘I’ve given him my trust, welcomed him into my family and he’s just gone and shit on me.’

It seems that the ordeal has had a knock on effect on her, revealing that she’s started to question her own confidence.

Megan also told The Sun: ‘I’m paranoid, I don’t like the way I look, I get upset about stupid things.

‘And that’s all because I’m thinking if he feels the need to do it, I’m not enough for him. It’s crushed my confidence.’

The one person I trust. My mummy! Love filming with her ❤️ #towie #MummyMcKenna

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The reality star revealed, ‘I  have found it hard to find the confidence to film TOWIE now. I don’t want to leave the house.

‘All I’ve done is go to the cinema, I’ve just sat on the sofa feeling depressed.

‘People don’t think I’ve got real feelings, they think it’s all fake. It’s not. I’ve been publicly humiliated.’

Sending you our love, lady.