Megan McKenna Cries During An Argument With Chloe Sims On TOWIE

There is SO much drama in Essex right now…

Poor Megan McKenna. We feel like the pretty brunette is close to the edge and these latest developments have a lot to do with that.

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On Wednesday’s episode Megan ended up having a teary row with TOWIE veteran Chloe Sims over her relationship with Pete Wicks.

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks are currently on a break

Chloe and Pete had a chat about his tumultuous relationship with Megs. Sims told Pete, “I feel like there’s a sadness in you and you put on a mask and pretend it’s ok, so one little thing can make you explode.”

chloe lewis

Nodding, Pete said he agreed but that it was HIM at fault and not Megan. Referencing his sexting drama with ex-girlfriend Jacqui Wicks said, “What happened a few months ago was completely my fault and it’s affected me more than it had. I haven’t forgiven myself. I want to go back to being me.”

pete wicks

Pete told Megan he wouldn’t ‘give up’ on their relationship…

Chloe then told the tattooed hunk that “if [Megan] can’t handle it, it might be worth leaving.”

Erm, handle it as in handle his cheating? Yeah. We’re not down with that.

Megan looked very distressed during the exchange

Since then Megan, who is looking very slim at the moment, was spotted having a tearful conversation with Chloe whilst in a bar. Megan openly sobbed while Chloe gently stroked her arm.

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Megan McKenna on This Morning

Were they discussing Sims’ relationship advice to then boyf Pete?

During a recent appearance on ITV’s This Morning Megan admitted she and Pete were taking a break from their relationship. The next episode is going to be a *very* interesting one…