Er. So Megan McKenna Just Got Trolled For ‘Cellulite’

Whatever you think of Megan McKenna, there’s no denying that she has one smokin’ hot bod.

And the TOWIE lady isn’t afraid to flaunt it, often posting sexy bikini snaps on her Instagram and Twitter pages.

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But on Wednesday, Megan learnt the hard way that there’s no pleasing everyone. Because someone actually ended up CRITICISING her figure.

Yep. We can’t believe it either.

Megan, 23, has been in Magaluf over the past few days, and yesterday joined co-star James ‘Arg’ Argent behind the DJ decks at the BH Mallorca Hotel.

It was *this* photo that ended up being commented on


She shared a Twitter snap of herself playing the crowd some beats, writing the caption: ‘Living it up in Mallorca today.’

The pretty brunette was working a blue and black two-piece – and it’s safe to say she looked ah-mazing.

So we were all incredibly confused when one troll thought it was okay to comment: ‘u have cellulite?’

As you can see, Megan McKenna has one *amazing* figure


Um, NEWSFLASH. Most women do, pal. Although we’re not entirely sure where he’s looking on Megan’s photo…

Luckily, Megan didn’t seem fussed by the message. And in true McKenna style, she hit back big time.

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Speaking for all us ladies out there, she said: ‘yeah do you have a problem with that! Every girl does! Atleast I don’t edit the s*** out my pics unlike most people! #boreoff [sic].’

Two words: GO MEGAN.

Of course, she had plenty of fans backing her up. One wrote: ‘are u really calling a girl out over cellulite?Obvs never had a woman seen as tho 99% of us have it #dealwithit.’

Megan McKenna has been in Mallorca with co-star James ‘Arg’ Argent


Another said: ‘How on earth can someone attempt to body shame @Megan_Mckenna_ #WorldsGoneMad [sic].’

Attempted but failed, we’d say.